Arbiter  0.0.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Carbiter::ArbiterThe primary interface for storage abstraction
 Carbiter::drivers::S3::AuthAWS authentication information
 Carbiter::drivers::Dropbox::AuthDropbox authentication information
 Carbiter::DriverBase class for interacting with a storage type
 Carbiter::drivers::FsLocal filesystem driver
 Carbiter::drivers::TestA filesystem driver that acts as if it were remote for testing purposes
 Carbiter::drivers::HttpHTTP driver. Intended as both a standalone driver as well as a base for derived drivers build atop HTTP
 Carbiter::drivers::DropboxDropbox driver
 Carbiter::drivers::S3Amazon S3 driver
 Carbiter::EndpointA utility class to drive usage from a common root directory
 Carbiter::fs::LocalHandleA scoped local filehandle for a possibly remote path
 Carbiter::ArbiterErrorException class for all internally thrown runtime errors